PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Getting New Loot Boxes, Will Address Cheating More Strongly


Loot boxes are all the rage in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, mainly because players want to look good when they’re smashing people with a frying pan and trying to win that beloved chicken dinner. And soon, they’ll be able to doll themselves up with a number of new items.

During a recent Q & A at a recent G-Star Event, Bluehole CEO Changham Kim and lead designer Junhyuk Choi confirmed that some new loot boxes are on the way, but they’ll mainly be of cosmetic design as, they note, “We will never add anything (through loot boxes) that affects the gameplay.”

The team recently posted about the matter, explaining that there is a “relatively strong demand” for cosmetic items within the game. Bluehole has already confirmed they will add them, but they’re first focusing on the 1.0 release planned for PC and Xbox One in just a few days’ time. The team hasn’t let on just what these items will be, but let’s just say that players will have a field day outfitting themselves as they fight for survival.

The duo also addressed cheating within the game, which seems to be running rampant with some players. Bluehole is well aware of these efforts and is doing whatever it takes to fight back, although they admit that it “has not been well prepared to deal with this issue.” They did apologize for “the inconvenience caused by the cheaters.”

“The number of different cheats we have encountered has far surpassed our expectations,” they explained. “We are aggressively addressing this issue as it is our top priority. There is a new team dedicated to this task, which has already demonstrated great results through tighter and improved policies as well as around-the-clock monitoring.”

It is an “endless fight” taking on these cheaters, but the team is more than ready.

Finally, Kim and Choi also talked about the possibility of a tutorial mode or shooting range within the game to help players out. At first, it didn’t sound too hot, as “There is no practice in life!”, they first proclaimed. However, they are considering it, but only after the 1.0 launch this month.


So a lot is happening with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds soon, and that may be enough to get players back into the action. Not that they really left, anyway.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is available now on Steam Early Access, and will release on Xbox One on December 12th. A full PC release will follow soon thereafter.