New PlayStation 5 Commercial Released

PlayStation has officially released a new live-action commercial spot for the PlayStation 5, the upcoming next-gen console expected to release later this year. As with the first live-action commercial for the PS5, the new one -- titled "The Edge - Play Has No Limits" -- is basically a pitch that gaming and reality are closer than ever before on the new console.

The ad shows a young man in a fishing boat suddenly find himself at the head of a magical fleet of ships that then pass through a water barrier... into space? "It's really just talking about who we are as a brand and exciting and thrilling our fans," Eric Lempel, PlayStation's global head of marketing, told Variety about the new spot. "We want to excite and thrill you. We want to show them a path to the mysterious unknown… what you're seeing is them coming to the edge and then going beyond. And really, that's what we're trying to signal here. It's not about the features. It's a brand spot."

Notably, the spot doesn't highlight any specific video games. That may change after the PlayStation 5 showcase this Wednesday, September 16th, where the company will share more news about the upcoming next-gen console and its many video games. Once there is a release date and price associated with the PS5, it seems likely that PlayStation will happily market both heavily in the lead up to release.

The PlayStation 5 is currently set to release Holidays 2020, though there is no definitive release date beyond that. At this point, the biggest chunks of information that we actually have about the upcoming next-gen console are its specs, the look of the base console, and its new controller, the DualSense. As noted above, it is that the pricing and release date for the PS5 will be revealed this Wednesday. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the PlayStation 5 right here.


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