PlayStation Plus Free PS5 Game Getting Surprising New Update

One of the current free games that is available to download on PlayStation 5 via PlayStation Plus is soon slated to receive a surprising new update. Within the past week, Sony pushed September 2022's new PS Plus titles live for subscribers to begin downloading until early October. And while this month's slate of games is most notably headlined by Need for Speed Heat, it's the PS5 offering, Toem, that will now be getting that much larger thanks to a forthcoming patch. 

Detailed on the PlayStation Blog today, developer Something We Made revealed that it's adding an entire new island, called Basto, to Toem in the future. This update will be completely free to download and looks to add the largest new locale to Toem that is seen in the entire game. Something We Made says that the new content will bring an additional one to two hours of playtime to Toem and will be unlockable after the base game has been completed. 

Since Toem is now available for PS Plus subscribers to download on PS5 for no cost, Something We Made said that it wanted to look to expand the title now that it will seemingly reach a much larger audience. As such, many of the ideas and gameplay mechanics that didn't make it into the original version of Toem are said to have now been folded into this new update. 

"We're so excited to have Toem on PS5 as part of PlayStation Plus Essential this month and see so many new players experience the game for the first time. We wanted to use this opportunity to introduce you to the free content update we've been working on for some time that is coming very soon for Toem: a brand new region called Basto!," said the studio in its write-up. "This update will be a gift to all our players, as thanks for playing. We sincerely hope you enjoy all its changes! We don't quite know exactly when it will drop, but keep Toem installed on your PS5 and you'll be reminded when it does."

Are you happy to hear that Toem is about to get this new add-on content in the future? And have you played the game for yourself since it arrived on PS Plus? Be sure to let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on social media at @MooreMan12.