This Pokemon Murders People and Uses Their Frozen Bodies as Decorations

One Pokemon is a noted murderer that stalks the icy mountains in which it resides. On its surface, the Pokemon franchise is about a world where unsupervised children capture animals and use them to fight for sport, all the while justifying their violent hobby by assisting incompetent law enforcement against organized crime rackets. However, beneath this pleasant tale of animal pit fighting is a disturbing world with some uncomfortable truths about Pokemon. Since it's the Halloween season, we thought it's a good time to focus on a few of the more horrifying Pokemon and their disturbing behavior, such as the Pokemon species known for luring men to their deaths and using their bodies as decoration in their lairs.

Froslass is an innocent-looking Pokemon that originally appeared in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl as an alternative evolution for Snorunt. This Ice/Ghost-type Pokemon vaguely resembles a humanoid, floating ghost and draws inspiration from the yuki-onna, a yokai said to live in the mountains. Like several other Pokemon, Froslass allegedly was once a human - a woman who died while lost in the mountains. Froslass's ex-human status isn't unique among Pokemon (several Ghost-type Pokemon are allegedly human souls cursed to fight animals instead of passing on), but it's what the Pokemon does that is truly horrifying.

According to several Pokedex entries, Froslass likes to stalk attractive men that shes finds in the mountains and then freezes their bodies using her frosty breath. Once her prey is dead, Froslass carries the body back to her den and then uses it as a decoration. What's more - Froslass will occasionally venture into human settlements during winter storms, knocking on doors and then killing anyone who answers.

If even half of the various Pokedex entries are true, Froslass is a serial killer Pokemon, an angry spirit that kills for sport. Froslass's grisly behavior hasn't even been toned down over the years. The Pokedex entry for Pokemon Moon notes that Froslass actually eats the souls of handsome men when she kills them.


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