Delibird Has Come to Pokemon Go With a Surprise Present

A long-awaited "Gen 2" Pokemon has finally come to Pokemon Go and its coming with some extra Stardust.

Players made a not so surprising discovery in the moments after Pokemon Go's holiday event went live today: Delibird is now spawning all around the world. Delibird was one of two Pokemon first seen in Pokemon Gold and Silver that had not made an appearance in Pokemon Go, and players assumed that the game was holding the Ice-Type Pokemon back for the Christmas season.

Delibird is the Pokemon version of Santa Claus, a plump penguin-like Pokemon that hands out presents via its sack-like tail. These presents usually explode and injure their opponents, but occasionally they can heal as well.

Pokemon Go's version of Delibird even has a "Present" attack as its fast move, complete with Delibird tossing a wrapped gift as its opponent. Players will also get a boosted 250 Stardust for every Delibird they catch, which is an extra-special present for trainers.


While Delibird's arrival was unannounced, most players knew it was coming. Not only did Pokemon Go sneak in a Delibird into the game's holiday loading screen, dataminers found the image assets for Delibird, along with noise assets for its present attack.

Along with Delibird, twenty new Pokemon from the Hoenn region are also appearing for the first time in Pokemon Go. All of the new Pokemon are Water or Ice-Type Pokemon. Ice-Type Pokemon will also spawn in increased numbers for the next couple of weeks. Players can also buy special boxes containing Star Pieces, a new type of item that provides boosted Stardust for a 30 minute period and get special one-time use Egg Incubators from PokeStops and gyms during the event.