New Pokemon Go Fest Details Revealed

Pokemon Go has revealed the first details about its upcoming Pokemon Go Fest event. Earlier this [...]

Pokemon Go has revealed the first details about its upcoming Pokemon Go Fest event. Earlier this year, Pokemon Go announced that its annual Pokemon Go Fest would transition from a real world event to a "virtual" event due to social gathering limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Pokemon Go revealed the first look at what its new Pokemon Go Fest would include, with special research tasks leading up to the event, a new integrated social experience, rotating habitats, and real-time worldwide challenges. Players will also be able to enjoy the Pokemon Go Fest festivities for the full two days, unlike in previous years.

Although Pokemon Go is keeping some of the big details about Pokemon Go Fest close to its chest, the event will focus on two day's worth of Special Research quests, at least one of which will involve a new Mythical Pokemon. Each day will include a different Special Research quest for players to complete, so players will have a chance to complete multiple stories and adventures during the weekend. Additionally, Pokemon Go will feature over 75 different species of Pokemon at the event, which will appear in "rotating habitats" that change by the hour. The habitats include Fire, Water, and Grass-themed habitats as well habitats themed around Friendship and Battling.

As with other Pokemon Go Fests, players around the world will need to work together to complete certain Global Research tasks tied to different habitats. Once those research tasks are complete, players around the world will receive special bonuses.

While players will have to keep their distance from one another, Pokemon Go is instituting a new social feature to help friends stay up on their friends. The new Niantic Social feature will let friends see their which of their in-game friends is online and playing, and will let you check out certain key stats. GO Fest Virtual Team Lounges will also be set up to mimic the feel of the lounges seen at the real world Pokemon Go Fests in past years.

We'll find out more news about Pokemon Go Fest, including what Pokemon it will feature, closer to the event. Players can buy a ticket for the event for $14.99 at the in-game shop. Pokemon Go Fest will take place July 25th and 26th.