'Pokemon Go' Adds Multiple Shiny Pokemon for Equinox Event

Pokemon Go has added Shiny versions of Oddish, Solrock, and Lunatone to the game as part of its [...]

Pokemon Go has added Shiny versions of Oddish, Solrock, and Lunatone to the game as part of its new Spring Equinox event. The discoveries were found shortly after the Spring Equinox event started earlier today. The new event is focused around Grass-type Pokemon and the swap of Lunatone and Solrock to new territories, as the two Pokemon are "regional-exclusive" Pokemon. While Shiny Oddish was somewhat expected by the Pokemon Go community, the additions of the Shiny versions of Lunatone and Solrock were not. It seems that Lunatone and Solrock are the first regional-exclusive Pokemon to receive their Shiny variants in the game.

Shiny Pokemon have alternate colorations than their normal counterparts and are usually quite rare. Pokemon Go has made a point to add a handful of new Shiny Pokemon species with every event. A Shiny Oddish has a green body and light green leaves, while Shiny Solrock and Shiny Lunatone both have more vivid colorations than their non-Shiny counterparts. The new Pokemon are expected to be rare, but will stay in the game even after the event ends in a few days.

As part of the Spring Equinox event, players will benefit from increased spawns of Grass-type Pokemon, along with new Grass-themed Field Research events and a handful of new Grass-type Raid Boss Pokemon. Game developers also added two new moves -- Acid Spray and Leaf Tornado -- which both have some increased functionality in PvP battles, as they can give your Pokemon a stats boost in battle.

The new event will run from March 19th through March 26th. Grass-type Pokemon are spawning all over the world as we speak, so get out there and start catching Pokemon!

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