'Pokemon Go' Announces Slakoth Community Day in June

The lazy Normal-type Pokemon Slakoth will be the featured Pokemon for June's Pokemon Go Community Day. Pokemon Go released its first details about next month's Community Day, a monthly mini-event that features one species of Pokemon spawning in mass quantities for a three hour period along with a few other bonuses. June's featured Pokemon is Slakoth, a popular but lazy Normal-type Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Slakoth eventually evolves in Slaking, one of the strongest attackers in Pokemon Go, albeit with a huge setback. Normally, Slaking doesn't have a fast attack that deals damage, which greatly reduces its potency in battle. Slaking's "Yawn" fast move is a reference to its "Truant" ability in the main game, which makes Slaking attack only once every other turn.

Many fans are wondering if Community Day will give players a chance to obtain a Slaking with a functional fast move, something that would arguably give Slaking a major boost in battle. Right now, Slaking has great stats and is only weak to Fighting-type attacks, so giving it a functional fast move would potentially shift the meta-game in a major way.

Players will also benefit from 1/4 egg hatch distances during the event, along with the standard 3-hour lure bonus that is now typical for Community Day events. While not announced, Slakoth will likely also get its Shiny variant added to the game, as is typical for Pokemon Go Community Day events.


The Community Day event will take place on June 8th from 3 PM - 6 PM local time. Please note that Pokemon Go recently shifted away from its regional Community Day start time to one based on your local time, so the event will start at 3 PM regardless of where you're at.