'Pokemon Go' Suspends Rollout of New Update Due to Major Bugs

Pokemon Go players will have to wait a little longer for the next update. A Niantic representative [...]

Pokemon Go
players will have to wait a little longer for the next update. A Niantic representative announced on Reddit Wednesday that the rollout of the next update was suspended due to lag issues.

"We are aware of a latency issue affecting battling in Pokémon GO version 0.71.0," the representative wrote. "We are currently investigating potential resolutions. Although this issue only affects a small subset of users, we are suspending the rollout of the release while we continue to work towards delivering a better experience."

Pokemon Go had quietly launched the update earlier this week, with several big additions. The biggest news was that Pokemon Go had started work on adding "Gen 3" Pokemon to the game, but there were also several bug fixes and a new type of egg incubator. The update was also expected to prep the game for upcoming Exclusive Raids that would allow players to battle and catch Mewtwo.

Unfortunately, as soon as the update started its rollout, players realized that something was wrong with the game. Multiple players posted complaints on Reddit, claiming that battles were nearly unplayable due to stutter issues and other lags. The issue was particularly bad during raids, with players unable to time dodges or attack effectively due to severe lags and freezes.

The Niantic representative noted in a follow-up comment that Pokemon Go staggered its rollout of all updates in part to catch issues, so that they can "pull the plug" on an update if more work needs done.

The new Pokemon Go update had not yet reached the Apple App Store, so it's unclear whether the bug issues affect only specific devices or if there was another underlying cause. Niantic did also not give a new timeline for the release of the update, nor did they say whether the delay would impact the planned rollout of Mewtwo to players.