First US Trailer for New Pokemon Movie Released

The latest Pokemon movie has a new trailer for English speaking audiences. The Pokemon Company just released the first English trailer for Pokemon: I Choose You, a new movie that re-tells the first meeting between Ash and Pikachu.

The trailer's only a minute long, but it quickly covers some of the key points between Ash and Pikachu's first encounter. We see Pikachu angrily knock his PokeBall away from Ash, but he later warms up to his new trainer after Ash stands between him and an angry flock of Spearow. The trailer also shows Ash and Pikachu encountering the legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh, which plays a major role in the new movie.

While the movie is a "re-telling" of Ash and Pikachu's early adventures together, it does stray from the anime canon in several ways. Brock and Misty are replaced by new characters in the movie, and most of Ash's early Pokemon (save for Butterfree and Charizard) don't appear at all. Luckily, this movie is non-canon, and fans can look forward to Brock, Misty, and some of Ash's other old friends returning in the ongoing Pokemon: Sun and Moon anime later this month.

The trailer also confirms that Sarah Natochenny will voice Ash in the new movie. Natochenny has voiced Ash since 2006, but many fans were hoping to see original voice actress Veronica Taylor voice Ash for the retro-inspired movie.


Pokemon: I Choose You will be released on November 5 in the US. The movie will have a limited theater run and then eventually air on Disney XD.