New Pokemon Masters Trailer Reveals New Features

The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for its upcoming mobile game Pokemon Masters. In addition to showing players some of the many trainers they can befriend throughout the game, the new Pokemon Masters trailer also revealed a co-op mode that will allow teams of three players to team up against AI opponents and unleash unique Unity Attacks, which is a coordinated move that uses all of a team's Pokemon. The trailer also provided a brief recap of how the game works - players can befriend famous trainers from the Pokemon games and then team up with them in a real-time battle.

A press release for the trailer also noted that the game will include special Sygna Suits, a special outfit that Trainers wear into battle that changes their partner Pokemon. For instance, Brock's Sygna Suit gives him the option of bring Tyranitar into battle instead of his default partner Onix. The press release also revealed some new characters for Pokemon Masters, including Professor Bellis (who researches the Sync Stone needed to use special Sync Moves), the rival character Paolo, and Lear, the prince who built Pasio as a place for the Pokemon Masters League at the heart of the story.

Pokemon Masters is a unique collaboration between DeNA and the Pokemon Company. The game will initially feature over 60 Sync Pairs (consisting of one trainer and one Pokemon) to collect and will add more after release. While the game will incorporate classic Pokemon mechanics like Type Weaknesses, the battles will take place in real time and will involve players using moves that drain a continuously charging energy bar. Another difference is that the trainers used in battle can provide valuable support, such as providing buffs or healing.


Pokemon Masters will be released on the Google Play and Apple App Stores later this summer.