New Pokemon Reality Show in the Works

Pokemon has no shortage of shows for fans to watch, but a new one is apparently in the works that already sounds much different from the animated series we're used to seeing. The Pokemon Company International is currently looking for applicants who want to be part of a reality show centered around the Pokemon Trading Card Game with fans of all ages and backgrounds welcome to apply. Details on the show are slim at the moment, however, so it's unclear how and where this show will manifest.

Serebii first took note of the casting calls put out by The Pokemon Company International which is currently looking for people in the greater Los Angeles area to apply to be on the show. A brief description of the casting call said the company is looking for "energetic, personable" applicants of various skill levels in relation to Pokemon TCG.

"The Pokemon Company International is currently searching for energetic, personable candidates of all ages and their families for an exciting new opportunity," the announcement said. "Whether you are trying to learn the Pokemon Trading Card Game to connect with your loved ones, hone your TCG skills to get to the next level, or are already a competitive player, we would like to hear how a Pokemon TCG expert can help you."

The application for the show asks a lot of general questions about the applicants' familiarity with the trading card game as well as a bunch of expected reality show questions like why the player wants to be on the show, what makes them unique,  what's their family like, etc. Nowhere in the page does it clarify where, exactly, this show will be aired, so it's unclear currently what platform it'll be released on or when that release will actually happen.

Whatever this show is, it looks like it's supposed to be filmed between August 20th and October 1st of this year. A YouTube show or some other similar release like that sounds like it makes sense for this show, but again, it hasn't been confirmed at this time.