Another One Of Ash's Oldest Pokemon Made A Cameo In The Anime This Week

Today's episode of Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon featured plenty of long-awaited returns, including a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo from one of Ash's oldest friends.

This week's episode featured Ash returning home to Pallet Town and reuniting with his oldest companions Brock and Misty, along with many of his old Pokemon. During said episode, Ash's RotomDex -- a sentient PokeDex that provides a running commentary for Ash and his friends -- decides to fill up his database with photos and information on as many Pokemon as he can find.

As he hurriedly floats around Professor Oak's ranch snapping pictures of different Pokemon, he takes a picture of the Squirtle Squad, led by the Squirtle who still technically belongs to Ash. RotomDex takes a picture of Squirtle, who smiles at him as if he knows that he shares a connection with RotomDex.

Ash's Squirtle rejoined the Squirtle Squad when he realized that his old team still needed his leadership. However, he has happily returned to Ash's side whenever Ash calls upon him and is still considered to be one of Ash's Pokemon. We last saw Squirtle ten years ago when it, along with Bulbasaur and Charizard, rejoined Ash for a massive battle against Brandon, the leader of Kanto's Frontier Brains. Squirtle managed to notch a victory against Brandon's Ninjask, but was taken out by Brandon's Solrock later during the battle.

Since the Squirtle Squad now seems to reside at Professor Oak's Lab, this could mean that they're now serving as Pallet Town's firefighting unit and that Squirtle now gets to hang out with his old friend Bulbasaur on a regular basis.

Bulbasaur and Muk also reunited with Ash during the episode, and Ash's Totodile, Tauros, and Corphish also made brief appearances.

The English version of the episode will probably air on Disney XD either in December or January.




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