Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra: How to Get Poipole

The Ultra Beasts play a big role in Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra, but you'll have to do a little extra work to obtain one popular Ultra Beast. Once players complete the first three Legendary Quests in Pokemon Sword and Shield's new Crown Tundra DLC, they'll unlock a fourth "secret" quest involving the Ultra Beasts. Players will first need to pick up the fourth Legendary Clue from Peony's home in Freezington and then head to the Max Lair. After speaking to Peony, some trainers will leave the Max Lair noting they encountered a mysterious Pokemon that's connected to the recent appearance of an Ultra Wormhole. Once this happens, players will unlock the appearance of Ultra Beasts in Dynamax Adventures. Ultra Beasts (like other Legendary Pokemon) will appear at random at the end of Dynamax Adventures. However - one Ultra Beast doesn't appear in Dynamax Adventures: Poipole, an Ultra Beast that first appeared in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.

To get Poipole, players will need to capture five Ultra Beasts and Necrozma. After doing so, Poipole will spawn in the Max Lair. If you interact with Poipole, the scientist who runs the Max Lair will note that she's been taking care of the Poipole and asks you to take the Pokemon. Poipole cannot be obtained any other way in Pokemon Sword and Shield other than speaking to the scientist after capturing enough Ultra Beasts. Poipole is also Shiny Locked, which means that it won't appear in its Shiny form in the game (similar to other Pokemon that you obtain via special encounters.)

Once you have Poipole, you can evolve it into Naganadel by having it learn the move Dragon Pulse and then leveling it up.

Pokemon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra is available to download now.