Major New Pokemon Announcement Coming Next Week

Today's Pokemon Presents video had a lot of new game announcements; from Pokemon Smile to New [...]

Today's Pokemon Presents video had a lot of new game announcements; from Pokemon Smile to New Pokemon Snap, there was a lot for Pokemon fans of all ages to get excited about. However, the most exciting announcement just might be a new tease for something big coming next week. According to The Pokemon Company, another Pokemon Presents video will air, and a major new announcement will come during the video. No further teases have been offered at this time, but Pokemon fans are already speculating what the next presentation might have to offer. One way or another, it seems pretty likely that the future of the franchise will be showcased!

Naturally, the project most fans are expecting to see is a remake of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. A remake of the fourth Pokemon generation has been long requested by fans, particularly since remakes have already been released focusing on the first three generations. Released in 2006 on Nintendo DS, the game holds a special place in the hearts of many Pokemon fans, particularly since it was the entry point for a lot of players that are now older.

It's also possible that a third DLC expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield will be announced. The first of two Pokemon DLC expansions, The Isle of Armor, has now been released on Nintendo Switch. Between that expansion and The Crown Tundra, a lot of the earlier Pokemon previously missing from Sword and Shield will be usable in the game. A third expansion could conceivably finish things off, and allow players to catch or import all of the Pokemon necessary to complete the National Dex. Since the Narional Dex has caused a lot of controversy over the last year, it would make a lot of sense!

Of course, if today's Pokemon Presents video proved anything, it's the fact that The Pokemon Company could just as easily surprise fans with something else, entirely! It seems a bit too early for a new Pokemon generation to be revealed, but today's announcements came completely out of left field. It seems that The Pokemon Company is still capable of surprising fans after all these years!

The next Pokemon Presents video will air on June 24th.

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