Pokemon Smile Announced, Available Today

The Pokemon Company has pulled back the curtain on a new app to help children with brushing their [...]

The Pokemon Company has pulled back the curtain on a new app to help children with brushing their teeth. Pokemon Smile is a free app in which kids catch Pokemon through strong brushing skills. It's a bizarre concept, but it's also one that should appeal to parents and kids alike, as it encourages children to have fun with something that can be a chore. It's unknown which Pokemon will be available in the game, but the first video showcases Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle, in a very cute style that's quite different from what's been seen in other Pokemon games.

Pokemon Smile was the first new game shown during today's Pokemon Presents video. The game earned some odd reactions from some fans, but for parents interested in Pokemon, it certainly seems like the kind of thing that will be a great tool. The Pokemon Company has actively searched for ways to keep fans of all ages engaged with the brand, and Pokemon Smile is the perfect way to do that with kids that might be too young for Pokemon Go, or the main series titles. It's unknown exactly what time Pokemon Smile will be available, but the app will be released sometime today on iOS and Android devices. As such, fans won't have to wait much longer to find out which Pokemon they can catch while brushing their teeth!

In addition to Pokemon Smile, the Pokemon Presents video also showcased a lot of other news that should be exciting for Pokemon fans. The most exciting announcement is the fact that a new Pokemon Snap game will be released for Nintendo Switch. All in all, today's presentation certainly had a lot for Pokemon fans of all ages to be excited about!

Of course, the most exciting announcement made during today's presentation just might be the fact that another Pokemon Presents video has been announced for next week! The new video will air on June 24th. It's unknown what fans will be able to expect during the show, but a major announcement has been teased. Perhaps the long-rumored Pokemon Diamond and Pearl remakes will finally be announced!

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