Pokemon Unite: How to Get Alolan Ninetales, Cinderace, and Greninja for Free

Pokemon Unite is making three Pokemon available for free for a limited time. Pokemon Unite is a [...]

Pokemon Unite is making three Pokemon available for free for a limited time. Pokemon Unite is a free-to-download MOBA-style game that features 20 Pokemon on its roster. However, players will have to pay for most of those Pokemon, either with in-game currency earned by grinding through matches or using real-world money. For a limited time, Pokemon Unite is giving Unite Licenses for three Pokemon away for free as an incentive for playing the game every day. Alolan Ninetales, Cinderace, and Greninja are all free gifts available as part of the 14-Day Welcome Gift event, which is going on now. Alolan Ninetales is available as the Day 2 gift, Cinderace is the Day 8 gift, and Greninja is the Day 14 gift.

All three Pokemon can be claimed on or after their respective day by selecting the Events icon (which resembles a calendar with a Poke Ball on it,) selecting the 14-Day Welcome Gift tab and then tapping the Claim button. Players who already purchased the Unite License from the store will receive a full refund in Aeos Coins so you can spend coins on another Pokemon. Keep in mind that you will receive Aeos Coins even if you originally used Aeos Gems to purchase a particular Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite players can currently receive up to 7 Pokemon for free during the game. They initially receive one of five Pokemon after they complete the tutorial, and will also receive Slowbro and Venusaur by reaching certain Trainer Ranks. Zeraora is also currently available as a free gift for a limited time. Zeraora can be obtained by opening up the side menu by pressing X, selecting Mail, and then choosing the message titled "Launch Bonus." Right now, Zeraora is only available as a Launch gift and can't be obtained through the in-game menu.

While it will take a lot of grinding to get the other Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, Tencent and The Pokemon Company deserve some credit for making 35% of the game's initial roster available for free at launch. Five other Pokemon are also available to test out in non-ranked battles for a limited time.

Pokemon Unite is available to download for free from the Nintendo Switch.