Pokken Tournament DX Isn’t Selling Like Gangbusters In Japan, But It’ll Get There


Pokken Tournament DX recently came out for the Nintendo Switch, bringing all the action we’ve come to know and love from the previous Wii U version, as well as the option to either play at home or on the road. That said, it’s definitely a popular favorite, but not quite the best-seller it could be…at least, not yet.

A Japanese statistics firm by the name of Media Create recently posted a weekly analysis looking at Japanese game sales for the week of September 18th through the 24th, and while Pokken left a pretty good mark on sales, there wasn’t quite as many as expected.

As we previously noted, the game, upon its release, cleared out 53,395 units – but that only makes up for 41.39 percent of the initial shipment that was sent from Nintendo, according to the company. Also, compared to the Wii U version, it kind of undersold, only selling approximately 75 percent compared to the previous release, which debuted with 70,000 units sold.

That said, the Wii U percentage of copies in stores were greater, meaning that only 36.65 percent of the initial shipment sold in the first week.

But don’t panic – people still love Pokemon. It’s just a matter of not everyone having a Switch yet, since the system is seeing serious shortage in that country. But Nintendo is getting there, and Media Create is confident that Pokken will catch up.

The company noted that the original Wii U game managed to sell 179,000 copies in its lifetime (overseas), and said that, with the upcoming holiday season and better availability of the Switch, the game will only get better with sales, so it should do well in the long-term. The ball’s pretty much in Nintendo’s court at this point.


The game is definitely worth picking up, based on our review, and a lot of fun for Pokemon fans everywhere. And we’re bet it’s selling pretty well here in the U.S., as well as Europe, especially with that competitive edge with players. We’ll find out soon enough when sales numbers are posted.

Pokken Tournament DX is available now for Nintendo Switch. There’s also the regular Tournament available for Wii U.