PS5's "Top Selling Points" May Reveal Its Biggest Feature

Sony has been pretty secretive about the PS5 so far. Sure, it's talked a little about the next-gen console twice now, but it hasn't said much, or at least it hasn't divulged any salient details. That said, this should be changing soon. Once it does, expect to see PlayStation 5 marketing everywhere you go. And according to Kotaku's Jason Schreier -- one of the industry's most trusted sources -- a few of the big selling points of the console will be downloading only what you want, playing instantly, and no load times.

"Not coincidentally, 'play right away, download just what you need, no load times' will be some of Sony's top selling points for the PlayStation 5," said Schreier on Twitter while quote tweeting a fellow journalist talking about the Stadia, which Google just released.

As alluded to, Sony hasn't said much about the PS5, but every time it does -- or whenever a developer talks about the console -- its Solid State Drive (SSD) is brought up. And when you consider the aforementioned selling points, that makes sense, because the SSD will make no loading times and playing instantly possible.

That said, if its SSD is truly going to be one of its biggest features, well then it's safe to assume the PS5, like the PS4, will be more evolutionary than revolutionary. Alongside backwards compatibility, it's obvious the SSD is going to be a big differentiator between the PS4 and PS5, but it sounds like it may be the biggest difference between the two consoles. And don't get me wrong, the inclusion of a SSD will go a long way in improving console gaming, but if it's one of the big selling points then we're talking about another underwhelming generational jump. And this doesn't just apply to the PS5, but the Xbox Scarlett as well.


Elsewhere on Twitter, Schreier also claims that while Sony has been communicating with devs about the PS5, apparently Microsoft hasn't been as forthcoming, which is potentially worrying if you're a Xbox fan.

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