PUBG Lite Is Shutting Down

PUBG Lite, the version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds geared towards those with low-end devices, is shutting down. The creators of PUBG Lite announced the decision to end support for the game this week and said that April 29th will officially mark the end of the game's life when service is ended. Player support will be ended at a later date, but the shutdown has already begun with the PUBG Lite website being closed down.

The less tasking version of PUBG was announced back in 2019 as a solution for those who wanted to play the battle royale game but didn't have a device that could keep up with the demands of the base game. It only required a Core i3 2.4GHz CPU and an Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU which made it a viable option for many with the intent that the game wouldn't sacrifice much in terms of quality or gameplay in the process of being more accessible.

Over on the site for PUBG Lite, the developers detailed the plans for the shutdown schedule and shared a parting note with players.

"We are deeply grateful for the passion and support from the astounding number of PUBG LITE fans that have been with us," the site said. "During the strenuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope that PUBG LITE was able to provide our fans a fun way to stay safe.

"Unfortunately, we have made the difficult decision to close service after much deliberation and the time has come for our journey to end. We regretfully inform you that service of PUBG LITE is scheduled to end on April 29th, 2021 (UTC)."


Player support will end on May 29th a month after the game shuts down on April 29th. For the time being, the developers said that players will be able to continue playing PUBG Lite as they normally would without interruption. This includes spending any in-game credits and the L-COIN currency players have acquired, at least until the game's service is terminated.

As for the future of the PUBG games, there's still the base PUBG game to play on consoles and PC as well as PUBG Mobile which is available on mobile devices. Krafton is also working on PUBG New State, a new mobile game that'll build on the systems established in PUBG Mobile to create a new experience.