WATCH: PUBG's New Desert Map, Miramar, First Official Gameplay Footage

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We've had a lot of teasers over the last several weeks concerning the latest map, and new goodies, lined up for the record-breaking battle royale title - PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). As promised from the developer team, this year's Game Awards have brought the highly anticipated new map to life with a full gameplay footage, check it out in the video below:

The new desert terrain where players will fight each other while running in terror from that dreaded blue circle houses eight new locations:

  • El Pozo
  • Valle de Mar
  • La Cobreri
  • Pecado
  • San Martin
  • Monte Nuevo
  • Chumacera

The latest gameplay footage featured high impact vehicular onslaught, new weaponry, and more to liven of the game experience more for the millions of players competing for that 'winner, winner, chicken dinner'.


According to Bluehole:

"We are excited beyond words that we can finally share the name of our new desert map and tell you a little bit about some of the places you can visit. When we decided to create a new map, we focused on creating an environment that is very different from Erangel. We wanted to go the opposite direction of having lush fields and forests and arrived at the harsh and unforgiving desert of what we can now reveal is Miramar. The unique terrain and dense urban areas of Miramar will create a new Battle Royale experience where the old strategies may no longer work and new tactics are required. We don’t want to tell you too much as you will soon be able to experience it all yourself but we did write a few short descriptions of several of the key landmarks and towns. You can find them below, together with the new screenshots.”

PUBG is now available in Early Access on Steam, with an Xbox Game Preview launch on December 12th.