PUBG Mobile Banned Millions of Players In Just a Few Days

Over 2 million PUBG Mobile accounts were permanently banned from the mobile game within just one [...]

Over 2 million PUBG Mobile accounts were permanently banned from the mobile game within just one week, according to the game's developers. PUBG Corp. and Krafton gave an update on the game's anti-cheat efforts through the PUBG Mobile Twitter account to give an idea of just how many players had been hit by the "ban pan" recently. The players banned between December 11th and December 17th totaled exactly 2,127,454, the PUBG Mobile creators said, with three reasons identified as the main causes for the bans.

Those reasons, unsurprisingly, were all cheats that the mobile gamers employed in PUBG Mobile to better their chances of winning or manipulate parts of the game otherwise. The overview of the latest wave of bans said that the top three things players got banned for this month were using x-ray vision hacks, auto-aim hacks, and modifying character models.

Along with that information, separate infographics shared within the tweet showed what the spread between those three categories looked like. A total of 31% of the banned players were manipulating character models, 18% of them were using some form of x-ray vision, and 15% of them were using auto-aim hacks. The other reasons for the bans cited in the graph were speed hacks, modification of area damage, and "other" to encompass anything else players might've been doing that was bannable.

Also interesting to see was the spread of the ranks the banned accounts belonged to. The majority of the banned accounts were Bronze at 22% which might not be too surprising to PUBG Mobile players while the next largest demographic was Diamond at 17% followed by a tie between Platinum and Crown at 15% each.

Both PUBG and PUBG Mobile have long been fighting against cheaters by banning accounts like these, so expect to see more anti-cheat updates like this one in the future to detail just how many accounts get banned during different intervals.