PUBG Season 11 Brings Back Paramo Map

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ next season has already gone live on the test servers with [...]

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' next season has already gone live on the test servers with Season 11 poised to bring back the game's Paramo map. Paramo will feature similar elements that its first iteration offered with some additional changes made since the time it was last available in the battle royale game. For the start of Season 11 at least, Paramo will replace Karakin in the map rotation as part of a new set of plans for the game's available maps.

Paramo was removed at the end of Season 9 and was absent last season despite it being a favorite among players. Regarded as a "seasonal map," its departure was never considered to be permanent since the developers said that there was a good chance these sorts of maps would return in the future.

With the map returning, there'll be a few changes made to it. It still features random, changing elements and in fact features more of those than ever before with another location potentially able to be altered. The full list of changes applied to the Paramo map as well as the restrictions on matchmaking within it can be found below.


  • The terrain on Paramo still has its random elements, now with one extra randomized location possibility.
  • Increased item spawn rates in the Secret Room and Care Package Helicopter.
  • Improved terrain and added additional cover to fields.

Normal Matches

  • Up to 64 players can play in a match (bots included).
  • Supports both TPP and FPP in Solo/Duo/Squad.

Custom Matches

  • Now available in Custom Matches
  • Added Secret Room Key to spawn options.

As for the new map rotation, the developers again acknowledged players' desires to see more large maps. To accommodate this, the new map rotation will always feature Erangel and Miramar with the third map swapping out throughout the season. That third map slot will first be filled by Paramo.

"We know that our players have very different tastes when it comes to map size, but the consensus has generally been in favor of the large 8×8 maps," the PUBG patch notes explained. "Because of this, Erangel and Miramar will always be available with the remaining maps cycling in and out of the remaining three slots. Cycling out maps also gives us the opportunity to work on them a bit for when they make their return. For Update 11.1, Paramo will be replacing Karakin in the rotation."

PUBG's first patch of Season 11, Update 11.1, is now available on the test servers ahead of its wide release.