PUBG Removing One Map When Season 9 Ends

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds added a new map in Season 9 with the release of Paramo, and with the end of the season now quickly approaching, players will soon have to say goodbye to the map. PUBG Corp. urged players to get their last few matches in with the map while they can while confirming that the developer would be taking the map out of the game whenever the current season concludes. Season 9 will end when the ranked mode temporarily goes offline on December 16th, so players have until then to play on Paramo.

Added to the game several months ago, Paramo was and is unique in the sense that it’s the first dynamic map available in PUBG. That means that unlike the other maps which remained static over time save for the occasional rework from the developers, this map could actually change from time to time whenever players conclude one match and started another. If you play on Paramo one time, the next time you load in, you’ll likely see the layouts looking different than before. This dynamic feature kept players from getting too stuck in their habits and routines on the map and led to Paramo becoming one of the favorite battlegrounds to play on this season.

But the map’s time in PUBG is coming to an end regardless. In the tweet above, the PUBG Twitter account confirmed that the map would be leaving soon. PUBG has a history of taking maps out of the rotation, reworking them, and bringing them back at a later date, though it hasn’t been confirmed yet if that’s what’ll be happening with Paramo. Plans for Season 10 maps also haven’t been discussed publicly or even teased yet, so it’s unclear what’s happening in the next season with one of the current maps being removed.

PUBG Season 9 is scheduled to end on December 16th, so be sure to get in as much time with Paramo as you can before then in case it doesn’t end up coming back for a while or at all.