'Rainbow Six Siege' Roadmap Revealed For Year 4

The roadmap for Rainbow Six Siege's Year 4 has officially been revealed by Ubisoft, and there are a ton of goodies on the way for players.

This year's first season, Operation Burnt Horizon, has kicked things off with a bang. Two new operators out of Australia have been tossed into the mix, which is always good to see. In addition to this, the Outback map is ready when you are, as it is also part of Season 1.

After the fun with Season 1 is over, Season 2 will see the introduction of another two operators. One is from Denmark, while the other is from the United States Secret Service. Unfortunately, no new map will be added with Season 2. Instead, the devs will be reworking the Kafe map.

Seasons 3 and 4 will follow suit with Season 2, in that each will see the addition of two new operators and a reworked map. Season 3 will have operators from Peru and Mexico, and it will feature the reworked Kanal map, while Season 4 will bring operators from Kenya and India as well as a reworked Theme Park map.

Ubisoft will also continue their venture into controlling toxicity during Year 4. Mainly, they will be adding measures to combat team killing. First, it will reverse damage dealt to teammates, but you will receive a sanction after a certain amount of damage. Go any further than this, and the damage will be dealt to you instead.

A new bomb-only playlist containing only three maps will be arriving for players who are between levels one and 50, and Ubisoft will be making the pick and ban system in ranked play permanent. In addition to this, deployable shields are receiving a major rework to ensure they are actually useful, complete with one-way bulletproof glass.

The developers also note how they are looking to tackle lean spam, which would normally allow players to avoid headshots by making their heads nearly impossible to hit. The first patch to include this is being added to the test servers tomorrow, and instead of flailing around, the head will only move slightly when players attempt to lean spam.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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