Red Dead Online Adds More Legendary Animals

Red Dead Online recently added the Naturalist role for players to pursue if they wanted to get more in touch with nature, and with it came some Legendary Animals to study or hunt for profit. A new update released for the online game this week added two more of those Legendary Animals: The Red Streak Coyote and the Midnight Paw Coyote. These two coyotes are located in different parts of Red Dead Online's map, and players can now look for both of them to maximize their Naturalist rewards.

To find the Legendary Red Streak Coyote, Rockstar Games suggested in its announcement that players head towards Pike's Basin and check near the cliffs and surrounding area. If you're looking for the Midnight Paw Coyote, you'll want to check southeast of Strawberry to find it. The two animals are colored distinctly exactly as their names suggest, so they shouldn't be too difficult to find once you start looking.

If you're already started down your Naturalist role, you'll know there are two parties, Harriet and Gus, who are interested in these sorts of animals. Before you set out after the new creatures, be sure to figure out who you're going to turn to afterwards.

"Harriet is eager to learn more about these mysterious animals, so study the creatures and bring the samples back to her storefront to earn prompt payment and gain XP for the Naturalist Role," Rockstar said. "If you've been feeling the chills of the long nights out on the open plains, however, Gus will gladly aid you in turning these unique pelts into clothing."

Turning the pelts into Gus will earn you the Red Streak and Midnight Paw Coats. If you craft either of the outfits before August 18th, you'll get an additional reward in the form of a free coat of your choosing. Should you be able to hunt down all the Legendary Animals so far, you'll get a free horse ranked 40 or below.

While the latest update has a lot to do with Naturalists, other roles aren't left out either in the new bonuses and discounts available now.

"Bounty Hunters and Traders also stand to make a pretty penny, thanks to a 50% bonus RDO$ payouts until August 18th," Rockstar said. "Meanwhile, those looking to pick up either of these pursuits can take 5 Gold Bars off the cost of both the Butcher Table and the Bounty Hunter License, as well as 30% off all Bounty Hunter and Trader Outfits, Horses, Weapon Skins, the Bounty Wagon and Hunting Wagons, and all Rifles (except the Elephant Rifle)."


Red Dead Online's new Legendary Animals are now live in the game.