Report: God Of War Could Be Getting A Fantastic Collector’s Edition


We’ve been waiting on pins and needles to hear new information on Sony’s new God of War game, which it introduced last year during its pre-E3 press conference. We’re definitely going to see more of the game at this year’s show, but word may have already leaked out about a potential collector’s edition for it.

A Reddit user by the name of Lannister1909 has spotted a listing over at German retailer Spielegrotte indicating that the game could be getting one hell of a collector’s edition when it releases. It’s currently listed for a January 15, 2018 release (that’s probably just placeholder, but you never know), and will sell for $199.99 in German dollars.

While images for the collector’s edition haven’t popped up yet, it’s going to include a lot of stuff, according to the retailer. Perhaps the biggest highlight is a 9” statue that features both Kratos and Atreus, something that’d be perfect for the gaming shelf.

In addition, the collector’s edition could include the following items:

  • Two carved sons toys Figurines
  • Steelbook case
  • Exclusive lithograph print
  • Cloth game world map
  • Digital soundtrack
  • Exclusive dynamic theme
  • Shield pack containing three in-game shields

Now, Sony hasn’t said anything official about the collector’s edition just yet – and probably won’t until the Electronic Entertainment Expo rolls around next month – so this is all just a report for now. That said, it wouldn’t surprise us if the publisher was going all out with a huge collector’s edition for the game, considering that it’s making a mighty comeback to PlayStation and all.

As far as the release date goes, we’ve been hearing all sorts of things, including September and a release in 2018. More than likely, early 2018 looks to be a safe bet, if only because Sony already has a busy enough season with the likes of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Gran Turismo Sport, as well as whatever else it announces for the remainder of the year. We can certainly wait a little while for its release, especially if it’s going to be as good as last year’s demo let on. (We included it below, just in case you missed it.)

God of War will arrive soon for the PlayStation 4.