Report: Preliminary Artwork For A Scrapped Star Fox Virtual Boy Game Appears Online

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Long ago, Nintendo decided to give virtual reality gaming a try with the Virtual Boy, a system that produced 3D-effected style games with the help of red and black visuals, produced by a headset. It was definitely great on the technological front, but unfortunately ran into a fair share of limitations, and left some gamers feeling nauseous. As a result, it was shut down just as quickly as it hit the market, though a few lucky collectors still have their hands on a headset and some games.

Amongst the games that were reportedly in the works for Virtual Boy was a new Star Fox game called Redzone, offering players shooting thrills akin to what the SNES game had offered around the same time. However, little proof about the game's existence has popped up…until now, that is.

According to Nintendo Life, a Reddit user by the name of Sparky_78 has posted images from what appears to be the cancelled project, under the nickname Star Fox: Red Zone. The user noted that he found the assets in regards to the project, and it does look like a legitimate Star Fox project.

He noted the following: "Hi. Yes I do indeed have some more information on the game. It's all on my old HDD which is packed up somewhere. I'd be more than happy to go grab it and see if I still have the other stuff I got for the game.

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.12.48 PM

"Anyways, to keep you interested I'll tell you how I got the game. First of all, this was shown to investors. The boxart was one of them. After being sold soon after the investors meeting, it kept getting passed around like wildfire until it came into my hands. It was actually originally in a little booklet they gave investors, which contains many unseen screenshots from this title. When they did the investors' meeting, they showed off gameplay clips to them. (according to the guy I got it from, some details might've been lost in circulation.) This was allegedly shown late in the VB's life cycle and around the time Star Fox 64 was being developed.

"Cheers, Isaac."

Screen Shot 2017-09-17 at 2.12.48 PM

And while the screenshots from the scan look legitimate, there are a few users wondering if it's a real deal, or a mock-up. A PlanetVB writer by the name of VirtuousRage noted, "Eh. Color me faithless, but I find most of these 'I have lots of info, but I'm going to just trickle it out in tiny fragments' a hot load of garbage. Reminding me a lot of the whole Polybius arcade cabinet stuff.

"If you just take this 'box art' example he's provided you can clearly tell the StarFox logo is cut out from another image as you can still see some white pixels around the edges. ( Take the bottom right of the X for example. )

"Also, the font used for 'REDZONE' is called 'Beyond' a font made in 2011 by "imagex". ( Nintendo would have to be pulling off some crazy time travel for that to happen.

"Finally, I would question his story about this 'box art' being used to show investors. From my experience, this is not common practice, but I think I've already put this to bed.

"I truly will never understand how/why people like this "Issac" fellow get off on just perpetuating lies."

We're not sure if it's legit or not, but the idea of Star Fox on the Virtual Boy is quite fascinating…even if it would probably make some of us sick.

Meanwhile, Star Fox will return with a vengeance when the SNES Classic Edition releases on September 29th, containing both the original Star Fox and the never-released Star Fox 2.




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