New Resident Evil Movie Reboot Photos Reportedly Show Off Iconic Location

Not long after some new photos said to be from the set of the Resident Evil movie reboot were shared online, we've gotten what appears to be yet another look at the upcoming film. This time, the new photos supposedly show the interior of the iconic Spencer Mansion location that Resident Evil's most memorable characters have traversed. A filming location for where these images came from was also named which would explain why they might look familiar to some who recognize the setting.

The newest photos said to be from the Resident Evil movie came from ROEnetwork, the same Twitter account that shared the last batch of set photos from mid-November. Two different angles of a multi-level room were shown as well as an image of a dining area along with an exterior shot of the filming location. ROEnetwork said filming for the movie recently took place at the Scottish Rite Club.

With everything all lit up and looking tidy, the supposed set photos don't exactly scream "Resident Evil," but they're still just photos of the interior of the building. Several in the replies were quick to raise concerns about how the setting might translate to the Spencer Mansion location that was so integral to the first few Resident Evil stories, but others have pointed out that this isn't the first time we've seen this real-life location used for horror films. Dressed up the right way, it could easily carry the Resident Evil vibes it's going for.

The last photos from the movie that surfaced online before these showed the exterior of what was thought to be a very in-progress build of the mansion, though it's unclear if that's the case. Those photos also showed a downed helicopter which should be a familiar sight to those who played the earliest games in the franchise.

This Resident Evil movie is a reboot and is separate from the Netflix series and other Resident Evil works for those who've been having a hard time keeping up with all the productions. It'll retell the earliest Resident Evil stories by featuring events from the first two games which is why the Spencer Mansion is such a big talking point.


The Resident Evil movie reboot does not yet have a release date.