New Resident Evil Movie Reboot Photos Surface Online

More photos from the upcoming Resident Evil movie reboot were shared online this week to show off some different scenes from the familiar that'll look familiar to any Resident Evil fan. The photos from the set of the film show off a Raccoon City Police Department helicopter that looks like it's seen much better days as well as the start of a structure which is suspected to be the exterior of the infamous Spencer Mansion. It's worth remembering these photos are said to be connected to just the movie reboot, not the numerous other Resident Evil projects that are in the works.

The photos come from the Twitter account ROEnetwork which shares updates and leaked assets from different Resident Evil projects. One of the four photos shows what's interpreted to be the Spencer Mansion while the others show the downed S.T.A.R.S. helicopter.

Those who've been keeping up with the Resident Evil reboot news will recall that the intent behind the film is to revisit the events of the first two games with Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City both specifically mentioned as parts of the movie. While the shot of the in-progress building is not particularly impressive on its own, there's reason to believe it'll be built up to be a more imposing version of the building when it's finished. Much of the past Resident Evil story takes place inside the mansion as well, not around its exterior, so it'll be the inside that's more promising to see whenever we get more of that.

As for the downed helicopter, that's a scene that'll look more familiar to those who recall the original games. With blood spattered on one window of the helicopter after it crash landed in the forest, it looks like this set piece we've seen will be the one where we see what happens to the RCPD pilot Kevin Dooley after he was charged with piloting the helicopter.

Ever since the stacked cast of the Resident Evil reboot was announced, we've seen more updates on the film whether those be unofficial ones like this or more official announcements like additional casting decisions. Actor Donal Logue, for example, is now supposed to be on board with the film as Chief Irons, a character featured prominently in the second game.


The Resident Evil reboot movie does not currently have a set release date.