Altered Beast Gets Exclusive Sega Shop Goods For Its 30th Anniversary

The Sega Shop has become a good go-to place for exclusive goods from its history, from the Sega [...]

Altered Beast

The Sega Shop has become a good go-to place for exclusive goods from its history, from the Sega Genesis (they have soap!) to Sonic the Hedgehog. But now it's set to "rise from its grave" with the debut of a new line of Altered Beast goods!

These items are making their debut in time for the game's 30th anniversary. Yep, it was 1988 when it first debuted in arcades, and it would later follow with a release on the Sega Genesis in nearly arcade perfect form. So now it's time to celebrate with some awesome stuff, which you can find here.

Perhaps the highlight of the group is the offering of an exclusive Altered Beast Werewolf Funko Pop, which you can get here. It's only $14.95 plus shipping and, as you can see, it's based on the company's old-school "bit" line-up. So it even looks like an angry wolf out of the game! It's currently up for pre-order with no shipping date, but it's likely to go out starting on August 10!

Altered Beast 2

You can also get the following items over on the shop:

  • Altered Beast 30th Anniversary Pin- Celebrate the legacy with this clawed out pin featuring the game's logo! It's yours for $12.95.
  • Altered Beast Lenticular- Put your love for Altered Beast in transformative mode with this amazing lenticular, going for $39.95!
  • Sega Altered Beast Transformation Tee- Get "powered up" with this awesome retro shirt, available in a number of sizes. It's priced between $24.95 and $26.95.
  • Sega Altered Beast 30th Anniversary Logo Tee- Kick butt and take names with this 30th anniversary logo Altered Beast shirt, priced between $24.95 and $26.95!
  • Sega Altered Beast Collage Tee- Available in many sizes, this tee perfectly recaptures the spirit of the game that started it all! Available for $24.95-$26.95
  • Sega Altered Beast Logo Hoodie- Want to go all out? Go after this hoodie and showcase your love for Altered Beast! It's $39.95-$49.95, depending on what size you get.

It's unknown just how long these items will be available for, so you might want to jump on the sale while you've got a chance! Don't forget to check around for other items as well, including NiGHTS Into Dreams goods; The Revenge of Shinobi; Sonic Mania and a lot more. Get your SEGA on!