Smite's Stranger Things Crossover Gets a Release Date

A Stranger Things tease went up this week to announce that the series would be getting crossovers with not only Smite but also Magic: The Gathering. Following that tease, a reveal from the start of the Summer Game Fest event gave Smite players a better look at the plans for this crossover. Several alternate looks for different Smite heroes will be added to make them look like characters from Stranger Things with the content scheduled to release on June 13th as part of the game’s next battle pass.

The trailer for the Smite and Stranger Things crossover can be seen below to give players a preview of what’s coming in a couple of days whenever the battle pass launches. The Stranger Things content will expectedly be locked behind that pass, but we at least know what’s coming in it so that players can see what’s worth working towards.

As for the individual cosmetics that’ll be released for the different characters in Smite, you can find those listed below. Some of the skins are locked behind the premium tier of the battle pass while others can be achieved through normal progression. Information about which tiers the unique looks are locked behind wasn’t given, so Smite players will have to wait until the battle pass is fully out to see what their Stranger Things grinds will look like.

Smite/Stranger Things Skins

  • The Demogorgon – Bakasura
  • Eleven – Scylla
  • Starcourt Eleven – Scylla (Prestige Track)
  • The Mind Flayer – Sylvanus
  • Hopper – Apollo
  • Hopper, P.I. – Apollo (Prestige Track)

Also included in the release on June 13th will be a new “Upside Down Arena Map.” That map hasn’t been showcased yet quite like the skins have, so we’ll have to wait to see more on that, too.

On top of the reveal that took place on Thursday, there was a promise of more to come on Friday. We’re also in the middle of Netflix’s Geeked Week which means that there’s more reveals related to its properties coming all this week. That includes Stranger Things, and for Friday, it means we’ll be able to see our first look at the gameplay from this Smite crossover.

Smite’s Stranger Things collaboration is scheduled to come to the game on June 13th via the different versions of the battle pass.