Snapchat Is Reportedly Launching Its Own Gaming Service

Gaming has been becoming increasingly more mainstream through the years, growing alongside the [...]

Gaming has been becoming increasingly more mainstream through the years, growing alongside the growth social media has seen as well. With so many different companies diving head first into video games, it shouldn't really be a shock that reports are stating that Snapchat will be the latest to join this market with their own version of a mobile gaming platform for its app.

According to Variety, the parent company for Snapchat, appropriately just called Snap, is set to be holding a summit for partners in Los Angeles, California on April 4th. From there, it's reported that Snap will be showcasing a few select mobile games that will be offered through their platform in addition to new tools available for mobile game developers to bring their visions over to the social space.

Given that Snap invested heavily into an Austrailian gaming start up that was helmed by the creator of Fruit Ninja in addition to its own PlayCanvas 3D engine, it's not surprising that the app would be gearing up for a potential announcement.

Mobile gaming has been on a significant rise in the last couple of years, blowing right past expectations of the market with huge successes such as Final Fantasy, Animal Crossing, and more. With Microsoft having just revealed their xCloud gaming service that essentially turns phones into full-on consoles, the sky is the limit for those looking to invest in this particular corner of gaming.

What do you think about the steady rise of mobile gaming? What about Snapchat reportedly making moves to get into the videogame market? Awesome move, or potential for a blundering mess? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy with your thoughts on the latest development in mobile gaming.


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