Sonic the Hedgehog Director Thanks Fans for Response to Sonic's Redesign

There have been a lot people within the Sonic the Hedgehog community saying “thank you” this [...]

There have been a lot people within the Sonic the Hedgehog community saying "thank you" this week to pretty much anyone they can connect to Sonic's new look in the upcoming movie. Following the reveal of the redesign that's seen in the trailer above, people have been thanking Paramount, Sega, and anyone who might've had a hand in the new look. Part of those thanks were directed at Jeff Fowler, the director for the new movie, but Fowler also had his own thanks to share with the Sonic fans.

The director tweeted about the movie's new design the day after it was revealed and everyone had a chance to see it. Fowler thanked all the fans who'd shared their thoughts on the characters updated design and called the 24 hours since the tweet was shared "extraordinary. He also teased that there's more to come, so we'll certainly be seeing more of Sonic before the movie's release early next year.

Fans, in turn, sent those thanks right back at Fowler as people praised him, Paramount, and the rest of the team for taking the Sonic community's feedback into consideration and returning with an updated design.

Fowler is among many people who have commented on the redesign for Sonic at this point. We've seen the co-creator of Sonic himself weigh in on the updated design as well as comments from the individual who helmed the redesign efforts. Ben Schwartz, the actor who will lend his voice talents to the role of Sonic, also showed his appreciation for everyone involved in the work that's gone into the film. Of course, the Sonic fandom has been weighing in heavily on the new design and seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of Sonic's new look.

Sonic the Hedgehog will release in theaters on February 14, 2020.