Star Wars: Battlefront’s DLC Season Pass Is Free Right Now


We know that Star Wars: Battlefront II is just around the corner, so the idea of picking up the original game right now might not seem like the best thing to do. That said, Electronic Arts just added a great incentive that may have you changing your mind.

Several gamers have confirmed that the Season Pass for the multiplayer-oriented game has become free, which means you can download all the respective DLC for Battlefront without paying a single cent. Electronic Arts hasn't made any kind of announcement regarding this, but it looks to be an official promotion, since the Season Pass is free across the board, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Origin PC. Note: If you're going after the Xbox One version of the Season Pass, keep in mind that you will need Xbox Live Gold membership to take advantage.

The Season Pass for the first game features a ton of maps, as well as a Death Star battle that re-enacts the same one from A New Hope, along with a variety of modes and Hero units to choose from. Having those all for free certainly doesn't hurt.

Of course, you need the original Battlefront in order to take advantage of the deal. Fortunately, it looks like it's on sale right now through Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, going for around $5. That's not a bad deal at all, considering what all you get and how damn polished the game is. It's going for $29.99 over on Origin PC, but there are a few places where you can pick up the PC edition for pretty cheap.


Even if you're full speed ahead for the sequel, which drops on November 17th for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, it never hurts to get practice ahead of time on the original game, especially when it comes to space battles and mastering certain heroes within the game. And there are still plenty of players that have jumped into the action there, especially with the game joining the EA Vault on Origin Access and EA Access a few months back. So, yeah, have fun, and may the Force be with you.