The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition Is Now Live

There are a lot of games on Steam. So many, in fact, that sometimes it can be difficult to sift through everything that the service has to offer. Thankfully, the Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition should help PC gamers discover a number of games that they might not have been previously aware of! During the event, Steam will offer a number of free, playable demos. The titles are all indie games, and the lineup includes games from the Indie MEGABOOTH, The MIX, Day of the Devs and WINGS. The titles feature a range of genres, and should provide all Steam users with some appealing options.

It's really exciting to see Steam offering so many demos for users to experience. The platform has seen a massive influx of activity over the last few days, as gamers are staying inside thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. As such, it seems like the Steam Game Festival couldn't have come at a better time! Since plenty of gamers will be looking for new titles to play, this could be a great way for developers to get their games noticed.

In the last decade or so, the video game industry has seen an explosion in the number of indie developers. As the cost of video game development continues to increase, indie developers have found ways to offer engaging experiences for a fraction of the price of AAA titles. While games like Undertale, Shovel Knight, and Untitled Goose Game have managed to find huge audiences, many great indie games struggle to get noticed as digital storefronts like Steam get increasingly crowded.

In addition to the playable demos, Steam users can watch developers stream their titles live on the store's website, to get a better idea of what to expect from each game. All in all, the program seems like a great way to build awareness.


The Steam Game Festival: Spring Edition is now live and lasts until March 23rd.

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