The Last of Us: Bella Ramsey Reveals Terrifying Season 2 Tease, Season 1 Ending Details (Exclusive)

The Last of Us wrapped up its first season on Sunday night, releasing the ninth overall episode. With the show set to go back into production for Season 2 later this year, Ellie and Joel's adventurous through the post-apocalyptic landscapes will continue. However, the final moments of Season 1 might make for a different dynamic between the characters portrayed by Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal. Spoilers for The Last of Us Season 1 finale follow! With Joel having taken the option of Ellie sacrificing herself to possibly help offer a cure or vaccine to prevent the cordyceps fungus, he has also lied to her about what happened at the hospital in Salt Lake City. Speaking on the season finale of  The Last of Pods, Ellie actor Bella Ramsey shared insights to Ellie's true thoughts in those final Season 1 moments.

"I don't think Ellie does believe him," Ramsey admitted. "At her core, I don't think she does, but she has to force herself to believe him enough because the thought of it not being true is too painful. So, I think that she forces herself to believe him and buys into her own delusion because she has to for her own sanity. But I think deep down, she's always had a feeling."

The entirety of Ellie and Joel's journey was with a purpose  of transporting the former to the necessary doctors who could look into her immunity as a means to try to find a cure for the fungal infections which essentially ended the world. Ellie had been bitten in Boston before being handed off to Joel and Tess by Marlene, taking on a mission of delivering Ellie to the Fireflies. However, the journey culminated in Ellie and Joel finding the Fireflies at a hospital in Utah, where Ellie was prepped for a surgery which would have required her to be killed as a means to doctors to attempt to gain insights to her immunity and a possibly cure. Joel was not willing to let her die, though. The man went into a full-on John Wick mode and eliminated every member of the Fireflies which stood in his path, including both the doctor who wanted to find a cure and Marlene.

"Ellie definitely would've sacrificed herself," Ramsey declared. "To her, that's her purpose. That's the reason that she is alive. As soon as she found out the news that she was immune and possibly held the key to providing a vaccine for the world, that's when she felt for the first time that her life mattered. So I think that the idea that that would be taken away from her, it's not even on the cards for her. Given the choice, I don't think she'd even think twice. She would do it every time."

The Last of Pods had Ramsey as a guest for an extended interview in its eighth episode. The discussion about the Season 1 finale and potential storylines for Season 2 is available in The Last of Pods Episode 9 on all major podcast platforms. 

What Happens in The Last of Us Season 2?

Spoilers for The Last of Us Part II and potentially Season 2 of the TV series follow! If you;re planning to watch Season 2 with no knowledge of the major moments in Part II of the games, including character deaths, this is a great place to stop reading!

It is unclear when Season 2 of The Last of Us will be released, at this point. The Last of Us Part II offers plenty of insights about what audiences can expect when the show does return and, unsurprisingly, there will be more heartbreak on the way should the TV series remain faithful to the games. "Who knows what's going to happen in season two?" Ramsey questioned. "I actually don't know. Saying that, I have sat in on some writers' rooms, but I still don't know what they're hatching up."

Though, earlier in the interview Ramsey remarked she is excited to work with Pascal for "a little bit," of Season 2, it doesn't seem like following the story of the games which killed him off to start Part II is a guarantee – though, it does seem extremely likely given how closely Season 1 followed Part I of the games. This would call for Joel Miller being brutally killed off at the hands of a new character named Abby, one which is out for revenge after her father – the doctor in the hospital at the end of Part I - was killed by Joel. 

"It would be weird doing it without Pedro [Pascal] for a lot of it," Ramsey said. "It would be sad but I think that also works. Yeah, I mean, we'll see. We'll see. We'll see. But it'll be weird for sure because like I said my experience is so tied to him."

Though Ellie loses Joel in Part II of the games, she does gain a romantic relationship with a new character named Dina. "I'm really looking forward to the relationship with Dina," Ramsey said. "I think that's going to be cool. I think it's going to be really sweet and I'm glad that Ellie gets that because of what happened with Riley and I'm glad that she is able to have a good relationship and it not end tragically for a while. Trying to think about what happens in the second game. But yeah, I know it doesn't end well, even does it? But at least she gets to experience it for longer."

The Last of Us Season 1 is available now on HBO Max. Did you enjoy the first season? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send them my way on Twitter