The Nintendo 3DS Continues To Be A Top Seller

Earlier today, we reported on Nintendo’s latest numbers for the Nintendo Switch, indicating that [...]

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Earlier today, we reported on Nintendo's latest numbers for the Nintendo Switch, indicating that the system has gotten off to a flying start since its release in March in terms of both hardware and software sales. But by no means should we forget about the Nintendo 3DS, which is doing quite well in its own right.

On the eve of the release of the Nintendo 2DS XL – which arrives later this week – the company's recently financial quarterly report has indicated that the 3DS systems, which includes the 2DS models that have come out, have sold over 67 million units since the launch back in 2011. That's unprecedented, and shows that Nintendo still has dominance over the handheld gaming market. (Of course, it helps to have killer games that people want as well, like Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and the various Pokemon games.)

Just this quarter alone, Nintendo has managed to clear out over 950,000 units, which isn't bad at all considering that the Switch was its main competition when it comes to portable gaming.

Even though the Switch will get most of Nintendo's attention with the holiday season, the 3DS/2DS aren't being left out in the cold. Just in time to celebrate this week's release of the 2DS XL, the company will release Hey! Pikmin for the system, and other releases, like Miitopia and Metroid: Samus Returns, will obviously be highlights for players. Some Pokemon re-releases should help the line-up as well.

An interesting statistic indicates that the Nintendo 3DS line-up has managed to outsell its main competition, the PlayStation Vita, on a four-to-one basis. Only 15 million PS Vita systems have been sold since its release in 2011. Of course, it doesn't help that Sony pretty much abandoned it a couple of years ago, leaving it bereft of first-party releases in favor of getting more support from the indie community, whereas Nintendo is still giving the 3DS and 2DS systems lots of love.

We'll see how the 3DS fares this holiday season – especially against the Switch – but, yeah, we don't see it losing momentum anytime soon. And the new 2DS XL model should be a hit with fans.