'The Witcher' Netflix Series Reveals New Casting

Netflix The Witcher Henry Cavill

A new The Witcher Netflix series casting has been discovered over on the show's Reddit page.

According to his CV and IMDb page, Jordan Renzo -- who you may recognize as Robi in the film Chosen or Charlie in the TV show The Spanish Princess -- will be playing Sir Eyck of Densele in upcoming TV adaptation of the popular Polish fantasy book series.

For those that don't know: Eyck of Densele is described as a pious and flawless knight that is highly prejudiced against witchers, non-humans, and sorcerers. Fanatical about his faith, the knight is well-known among many for slaying manticores, griffins, and even dragons. However, unlike witchers, he accepts no payments for his deeds, which is something Geralt and other witchers don't appreciate.

Here's a little excerpt about him from page 19 of "The Bounds of Reason," in the collection Sword of Destiny (US edition and courtesy of the series' official wiki):

"Damn..."the Witcher whistled softly. "The pious and and virtuous Eyck, a knight without flaw or blemish, in person."

"Do you know him, Geralt?" Borch asked. "Is he really the scourge of dragons?"

"Not just dragons. Eyck is a match for any monster. He's even killed manticores and gryphons. He's dispatched a few dragons, so I've heard. He's good. But he spoils my business, the swine, because he doesn't take any money for it."

The Witcher is poised to release sometime later this year, though when exactly, hasn't been divulged. The first season will notably be eight episodes long, and apparently Netflix is already liking what it has been seeing, because a recent report claims it has already ordered more seasons.

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