This Life Is Strange/Animal Crossing Crossover Fan Art Is Too Cute To Miss

Fan art is a fantastic way for the creative members in the gaming community to show off their love for their favourite fandoms show the world what certain franchises mean for them. Sometimes that same creativity can mean a blending of series, like this Life is Strange x Animal Crossing crossover from Tumblr artist Unoobang!

This particular artist is no stranger to their creative touch to beloved franchises. Their Mass Effect art has even been featured on BioWare's website for N7 day! But with Life is Strange coming to mobile devices, and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp in full swing - the blending of the two are just too perfect not to share! For adorable recreations, to interactive gifs - Unoobang nailed the cuteness on the head with their latest installments. Check out some of their work below:

life is strange crossover
(Photo: Unoobang)
Life is strange crossover 2
(Photo: Unoobang)
life is strange crossover 1
(Photo: Unoobang)

We're sure there is still more to come, their blog is filled with a constant influx of adorable content for some of the biggest franchises currently being enjoyed.

With Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's wild success since its recent launch, it's not surprising to see that there is already fan art popping up about the game, especially since the entire franchise has been around for quite awhile. With Life is Strange's prequel, Before the Storm, approaching its final chapter - this is the perfect way to say farewell to a beloved franchise while enjoying each experience these games have to offer!

In other mobile gaming news, Nintendo is preparing to make a momumentous push into the mobile market after the success of their Animal Crossing Pocket Camp release as well as others such as Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run. You can learn more about recent reports from the Big N with our previous coverage here.