Twitter Now Lets People Pay to Hide Their Likes

Twitter users can now hide their likes for a cost.

Twitter is now letting users pay to hide their likes. Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms on the planet and Elon Musk wants to make it even bigger. At the end of last year, Elon Musk bought Twitter for over $40 billion and began reshaping the company to fit his vision. A lot of times when companies change leadership, it's overseen by a new team of people. Musk was the sole leader for a while and has only just recently appointed a new CEO named Linda Yaccarino to help him enact his vision for the future. Over the last year, Musk has made big changes (and also walked back some of them) which include expanding the Twitter Blue subscription with more features – some of which were previously free -, firing a lot of employees, and more significantly, a big rebrand into X, a new brand that will serve as an "everything" app with banking, video, and more.

Not all of this gone over well with users, but Elon Musk is now giving users a long-requested feature. If you're a Twitter Blue/X Premium subscriber, you can now hide your likes. This will allow you to like whatever you want without anyone snooping through your likes. Some celebrities have been caught liking more... risqué content on Twitter over the years and have been endlessly ridiculed for it. Of course, that's not the only reason someone may want to hide their likes, but it is another step to privacy.

Given it's not an absolute necessity nor was it previously available, some users are fine with it being a paywalled feature. As of right now, we have no idea what other plans Twitter has for additional premium features. It's possible Twitter will just continue to add more highly requested features as premium features. Hidden likes has been a popular request for a while, so it's clear they are listening to what fans want in some capacity.

Elon Musk Heckled by Twitter Fans at Valorant Champions

Elon Musk recently attended a Valorant tournament with one of his children and was heckled by the audience. At one point during the tournament, a camera was pointed at his seat and he was projected on to a screen in the arena. Various people in the audience began shouting "Bring back Twitter," which the commentators tried to ignore, but quicky found themselves laughing at the situation.

Twitter Possibly Considering Changing the Blocking Feature

It was also recently stated that Twitter would be getting rid of the block button. Elon Musk dubbed the feature as pointless when muting exists, but many pushed back on how muting is not the same as a block. However, a form of blocking is required for a social media app to be listed on the App Store or Google Play Store. So, it remains to be seen if anything will actually change.

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