Valorant Is Getting a "Spicy" New Agent

Valorant’s full launch planned for early June will include new content like a game mode, a new map, and new Agent that Riot Games said is kind of “spicy.” Riot’s Valorant team previewed planes for this new content and more during a discussion with Summer Game Fest creator Geoff Keighley shortly after it was announced that the game’s closed beta would be ending soon with the full launch not far behind. Only a small part of the Agent has been previewed so far, but Joe Ziegler, the game director on Valorant, said the Agent will be an interesting one and that the devs are looking forward to seeing how players react to the character.

Ziegler appeared alongside Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon in the video below to talk about the launch plans for the new game that’s been in closed beta throughout the past few weeks. Around seven minutes into the video, Ziegler said that there were previously plans for 12 Agents to be released but that the plan has now been shifted to only include 11 at launch. Ziegler said the 12th one just didn’t make the cut and attributed that to the working conditions most game developers find themselves operating under currently.

At least one new Agent will be available at launch though, and it’ll apparently be an interesting addition to the game.

“But the 11th Agent that people are gonna see on day one is definitely gonna be an interesting one and a little spicy potentially,” Ziegler said. “So, we’ll see how people react to it.”

The teaser below has been shared by the Valorant Twitter account more than once to tease the new Agent’s arrival. The full roster of the game’s Agents was shown in the image with one character having only a foot showing on the far-right side of the lineup. We’ll most likely see more teasers before the game fully launches, but that graphic and the comments from the video are all we know about the character so far.


Joining the new Agent during the game’s full launch will be another map and a game mode. The map was previewed in the announcement video at the start of the discussion above but was only seen briefly in CG previews. The new mode launching with the full game is one that Riot said will hopefully give players something to play between their high-stress normal matches, but Donlon said it’s not a Team Deathmatch mode as previous datamines indicated it might be.

Valorant fully launches on June 2nd, so expect to see more about the new content then if not before.