Valorant May Be Getting a Team Deathmatch Mode

Valorant is still very much in a closed beta and only has two different types of game modes available right now depending on whether players want a more casual or competitive experience, but it appears that there might be a team deathmatch mode planned for the future. A dig through the game’s files by those interested in seeing what Riot Games’ plans are for Valorant found references to both “TDM” and “TeamDeathmatchMode.” This means a team death match mode is – or at least was – planned for Valorant at some point, but there’s been no mention of it coming to the game yet.

The Twitter account ValorantLeaked that’s dedicated to news and rumors about Valorant shared a snippet from the game’s files that showed references to the game mode that’s supposedly coming to the game. Seeing “TDM” in the files would be enough of a giveaway to anyone who’s well-versed in shooters, but the files explicitly mention team deathmatch itself.

But even though the game mode has been spotted in the game’s files, it’s best to avoid getting expectations up for the mode since there’s no telling when it’ll be added or if it’ll even be added at all. It’s the basic, go-to mode of any shooter, so there’s reason to believe that things will play out as players expect and it’ll be added, but things don’t always work out that way. As we’ve seen in games like Apex Legends and Fortnite which are similarly the frequent targets of datamines, things are often left in games’ files without plans to use them or without any indication of when their functions will be enabled.

While we wait on news of team deathmatch or any other alternate game modes in Valorant, players can at least try out one new type of mode that’s been added recently. Riot recently added a Competitive mode to the game which means players can face off against others in a fiercer environment while everyone tries to rank up. It’s not nearly as drastic a change as a team deathmatch or similar mode would be, but it’s a different type of experience and bodes well for more modes being added in the future.

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