WarnerMedia Shares Update on Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Despite reports that Warner Bros. Interactive (WBIE) was potentially in the process of being sold off to some other company, it would appear that AT&T is holding onto the division at least for now. The new CEO of WarnerMedia Jason Kilar shared a reorganization update this past Friday which included the exit of some executives. But the same memo indicates that WarnerMedia, under which the Warner Bros. video game companies are held, has not yet jettisoned WBIE.

"Warner Bros. Interactive remains part of the Studios and Networks group," Kilar's organization update reads in part. It is interesting to note that Kilar's update doesn't actually address the possibility of a future sale of WBIE and instead simply indicates that the company has yet to part with it. Interested companies in acquiring WBIE reportedly include the likes of EA and Xbox, among others. WBIE notably includes the developers NetherRealm Studios (Mortal Kombat) and Rocksteady Studios, which recently announced that it was, in fact, working on some kind of Suicide Squad video game. More is expected from WBIE at the upcoming DC FanDome event late next week.

Should WBIE be sold, it would just be the latest in a long line of rights holders choosing to instead license out properties rather than develop video games based on its own properties. Disney somewhat infamously shuttered in-house video game development in the midst of Disney Infinity's heyday, but there are still plenty of video games being developed based on Disney properties. Marvel's Avengers, for example, is set to release next month.

As noted above, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment remains, for now, part of the larger AT&T empire. Whether it will eventually be sold off remains to be seen. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment right here.

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