Suicide Squad Game Confirmed By Rocksteady Studios

Rocksteady Studios is working on a new Suicide Squad game, the studio confirmed this week. The [...]

Rocksteady Studios is working on a new Suicide Squad game, the studio confirmed this week. The long-awaited project from the creators of the Batman Arkham games was teased with an image showing Superman (Update: Maybe Bizarro?) from behind with the Suicide Squad logo forming crosshairs on the back of his head. Details about the new Suicide Squad game are slim, but we at least know when we'll be able to learn more about it. Rocksteady Studios said it'll be present during the DC FanDome event on August 22nd where we'll see more on the game.

The teaser image below is the only confirmation of the Suicide Squad game we have right now. Those replying to the teaser of course had their own thoughts about what the game will be like and what they thought it should've been instead, but most were just happy to finally know what Rocksteady was working on.

The question of what Rocksteady has been working on has long been a subject of discussion among the studio's fans. Speculations have included a return to the Arkham formula, a different type of Batman game, a Superman game, and pretty much anything else you could think of that fell under the DC umbrella around those heroes. Suicide Squad was an idea that came up often, but with so many suggestions out there, it was impossible to figure out what the project might actually be.

Though Rocksteady opted out of past events and said it'd have more to share at a later date, the DC FanDome event immediately looked like the prime time to reveal whatever the company was working on. A cinematic trailer of some sort will likely be what we'll get from the event alongside some more details on the game, but gameplay seems less likely given that the game was just announced.

There's also the question of what platforms the game will launch for. With the game announced in the second half of the year, it's pretty close to the Holiday 2020 launch of the next generation of consoles by now. We'll have to see at the FanDome event whether this game will skip the current generation and go for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, release across both generations, or in what would be an even bigger surprise, become a platform exclusive.

Rocksteady Studios will share more on their game during the DC FanDome event on August 22nd.