Could 'Watch Dogs 3' Be Announced This Week?

watch dogs 3
(Photo: Ubisoft)

Last month, a leaker dropped some information about Watch Dogs 3, confirming it exists, it's releasing this year, and that it will take place in London, England. There wasn't much information beyond these salient tidbits, but interestingly Kotaku's Jason Schreier -- a reporter known for his scoops, especially of the Ubisoft variety -- seemingly confirmed the leak with a subtle gesture.

That said, the idea that Watch Dogs 3 is in development isn't a radical one, as I assume most people believed this before the leak even surfaced. And assuming it would release in 2019 isn't really a wild assumption either. In other words, the only real surprising info here is that it's set in London, after both of the previous games where set in the United States (Chicago and San Francisco).

So, if we can all agree that Watch Dogs 3 is real and releasing this year, the question becomes: when will it be revealed? Of course, the obvious answer is E3 2019. While other companies are dropping out of the show, Ubisoft appears to be once again returning, which means it will need surprises and reveals. And Watch Dogs 3 fits the bill. But what if it isn't being revealed at E3, and is actually going to be revealed this week?

It's a crazy proposition, I know, but hear me out as I speculate a bit. So, this past week Google announced that Ubisoft will be a guest at its upcoming GDC presentation on Tuesday, where it's expected to reveal its new gaming initiative, which may include a brand-new console. But why will Ubisoft be there? Will it simply be present to show its support and demonstrate to gamers that Google means business? Probably, which would explain why some other developers have also been invited, such as id Software and Crystal Dynamics.


However, if Google really wants to make a splash, it will have some reveals, trailers, or announcements to accompany the reveal of its gaming plans, which is where I think Watch Dogs 3 could come into play. Of course, this is just speculative and entirely depends on what type of presentation Google wants this to be, but hey, it's a possibility.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave a comment letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know there. When will Watch Dogs 3 be revealed?