WizKids Adds Impressive Red and Black Dragons to Dungeons & Dragons Line

WizKids is continuing to grow its line of premium Dungeons & Dragons figures with two new adult [...]

WizKids is continuing to grow its line of premium Dungeons & Dragons figures with two new adult dragons. There are few monsters more iconic and powerful than dragons in Dungeons & Dragons. A good dragon encounter can be the pinnacle of a campaign, as there are few enemies that can mix magic, raw physical power, and destructive attacks quite like a dragon in its lair. Earlier this year, WizKids announced that it would be releasing a series of premium pre-painted Adult Dragon figures, beginning with the White Dragon. Two more dragon figures will be coming out in the very near future, and ComicBook.com had the opportunity to get a hands-on look at both of these impressive figures.

WizKids sent ComicBook.com review copies of both the Adult Red Dragon and the Adult Black Dragon figures. Like the White Dragon figure we reviewed earlier this year, both figures come on over-sized clear bases with an opaque circle etched on the based to indicate the dragon's "true" size on a grid. The Adult Red Dragon is posed with its head turned to the side, which accentuates the bone spikes on its face. Like the Adult White Dragon, the Adult Red Dragon is show in mid-flight, which is convenient for placing miniatures underneath it when it is flying overhead and about to unleash a devastating breath attack on foes. The paint work on the Adult Red Dragon is exquisite - in addition to the standard wash that helps bring out more of the figure's details, there's some additional shading done on the wings and tail that makes the dragon look even more sinister.

red dragon hed
(Photo: WizKids)

The Adult Black Dragon is the first in the Adult Dragon line that is posed on the ground, which matches the dragon's lore as a swamp-dweller and lurker. Because of its grounded pose, the outstretched wings look even more foreboding and ominous, reminding me a bit of an Angel of Death in the swamp. The Adult Black Dragon is deliberately sculpted as a bit leaner than the Red Dragon (once again, matching how the two dragons are depicted in D&D lore), although the figure itself is very solid. I will note that the review copy of the Adult Black Dragon had a slight wobble to it due to some minor warping on the base. That warping, combined with the way that the wings are posed, made it very easy to tip over. However, I'm guessing this is just a singular defect rather than a major production issue, as I haven't seen any other complaints about it from other reviewers.

black dragon promo
(Photo: WizKids)

Both the Adult Red Dragon and the Adult Black Dragon are impressive figures that continues a streak of drool-worthy releases by WizKids. Whether you just want some dragons to display on your shelf, or you want to bring a dragon down upon the miniature versions of your fellow adventurers, these are both great additions to a D&D collection. Both dragon figures have retail prices of $69.99 and can be ordered from your local game store, Amazon (Black Dragon and Red Dragon) or from DnDMini.com.

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