Microsoft Reveals Xbox Series X Fridge Giveaway

In a unique new promotion, Microsoft has announced a contest where players can win a refrigerator [...]

In a unique new promotion, Microsoft has announced a contest where players can win a refrigerator based on the design of the Xbox Series X console. The design is the same as the one recently revealed by Snoop Dogg, but now fans will have their own chance at snagging an Xbox Series X Fridge for their home. The fridge features the exact same design as the console itself, right down to the disc drive, which is used to open the fridge. Upon opening, the fridge even features the same boot-up sound as the console itself, and the Xbox logo lights-up when the fridge is plugged in.

In order to enter the contest, Xbox fans simply have to retweet the Tweet embedded below. The Tweet also contains a video showing the fridge and its features, as well as a number of hidden easter eggs referencing Snoop Dog's favorite games on Xbox. The contest will end on November 4th.

With the next-gen consoles set to release in a few short weeks, tie-in promotions are starting to ramp up, and this is definitely one of the strangest! The Xbox Series X has a fairly unique design, however, and gamers have been poking fun at the console's appearance since it was first revealed during The Game Awards last year. It's surprising to see Microsoft leaning into the jokes and memes, but it shows that the company has a good sense of humor.

Of course, the Xbox Series X design is not the only console that has inspired a number of memes. Fans also had some fun with the design of the Xbox Series S when it was first revealed, comparing it to things like the speaker from a fast food drive-thru. Now that fans have an opportunity to win an Xbox Series X Fridge, it will be interesting to see if the company offers a similar promotion for the Series S. The design would likely lend itself well to a burner or hot plate!

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