Xbox Series X's Second Extinction Beta Signups Are Live

Signups to try out one of the Inside Xbox event’s most intriguing games are now live with Systemic Reaction welcoming players to the Second Extinction beta test. That game, those who watched the Xbox Series X showcase will recall, is the game where players form up in squads to take on mutant dinosaurs in an effort to reclaim Earth from the prehistoric invaders. The game will come to the next-gen Xbox, but it's also scheduled for a release on other platforms before that. A beta is planned for the PC platform via Steam and will be playable some time in the summer, and just as you’ll need help from friends to take down the dinos, you’ll need someone to help you get into the beta.

To get into the Second Extinction game that looks like it’s going to make Turok fans pretty happy, you have to first head to the game’s War Support page. There, you’ll find information on how you can sign up to support the war effort against the dinosaurs. All you have to do to start is sign up for news on the game by using an email address and you’ll be on your way to getting into the beta and more.

In order to actually get into the beta, you’ll have to look to the game’s rewards system which awards players with different things based on how many referrals they have to their name. All you have to do to get into the beta is refer one player to the game so that they’ll express interest in it too by signing up and you’ll be guaranteed a spot in the beta whenever it’s opened at an unknown date.

For those who want to go beyond that, you’ll be awarded at three, five, and seven referrals. The rewards for those tiers are a name plate, a weapon skin, and a unique in-game emote, so expect the game to have more cosmetics of that type seeing how they’re being offered as signup rewards. Those who join the War Support at all will get a special avatar for their forum interactions.

While the game is all about hunting dinosaurs and clearing objectives in teams of three, those coming into the game should know that these aren’t the dinosaurs you might be expecting. They’re mutated beats consisting of everything from “electric raptors to behemoth T-Rexes,” so expect to encounter creatures of a different breed once you get into the game’s closed beta and eventually its full launch.