Xbox Series X Game Second Extinction Has the Attention of Turok Fans

One of the more eye-catching games revealed during the Xbox Series X presentation this week was a new game called Second Extinction. Set in a world where mutant dinosaurs have taken over Earth, its up to squads of well-armed players to take down the dino threats and reclaim what was once theirs. It’s not Dino Crisis, and it’s not a Turok game, but it’s certainly gotten the attention of those who recall both of those types of games fondly and are ready to blast some more dinosaurs when the game eventually launches on the next-gen Xbox.

The trailer for the game shown below is just over a minute long, but it’s got all the first-person, dino-shooting action one could hope for from an announcement trailer for a game like this. Facing off against waves of enemies with teammates at players’ sides, the trailer shows what it looks like to take on a horde of mutated dinosaurs while surviving in what’s left of Earth.

Brynley Gibson, the lead producer at developer Systemic Reaction, shared an overview of what players will have to do in Second Extinction to accomplish their goals and wipe out some dinosaurs.

“You join up with friends, pick a mission, load-out, and then hurtle your way planetside for your adventure to begin,” Gibson said. “Once your mission goals have been completed, you’ll have to navigate a dangerous extraction in order for you and your teammates to make it out alive. Safely back home, you get to use your rewards to purchase new weapons, upgrade them, and get ready to leap back in!”


Scenes from the trailer showed some satisfying ripping and tearing of dinosaurs as they swarmed players and things splashed onto players’ screens during the chaos. It’s not trying to be a successor to games like Turok and doesn’t really have to be that either since it looks like it’s got enough potential to satisfy those hungry for a new dino game on its own.

Second Extinction is scheduled to be an Xbox Series X launch game and will be part of the Smart Delivery feature.